Customers, Colleagues & You

This six-session professional development program, conducted for 12 days over a six to eight month period, helps you grow and develop your skills needed to succeed in business today as a trusted business partner. You will learn a full range of important competencies to improve your ability to develop long-term relationships with customers, including: building trust-based, win-win relationships; selling; negotiating; consulting; change management; and critical conflict and communication skills.

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What will it gain for you?

You gain advanced yet practical business and personal skills in a stimulating learning environment. By applying the CCY concepts, you can significantly increase your effectiveness with customers, your leader or manager, your colleagues, your friends and family.

Who should follow this program?

CCY participants are of all ages and come from all disciplines – sales, marketing, technology development, finance, human resources, consulting, project management, and people management. The program suits all professionals that want to grow their interpersonal and business skills.

What is the framework of the program?

A strong theoretical framework is taught with key models practiced during the sessions. A variety of activities, assessments and initiatives are used in each session to fully engage everyone in the learning process. This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory with practical psychological assessments, practice simulations and team initiatives to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


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